Wednesday, December 24, 2008

i fell asleep and woke up next year.

Its christmass, it came so fast that i didnt have enough time to find holiday spirit. It makes me really sad that i dont count down or get crazy excited anymore. I thought it sucked being older but then again smoking and drinking myself retarded is pretty sweet too so i guess its a win loose, WHATEVS MANNNNN. 
merry xmas =) 



is that alex grey? fuckin awesome.

HIIII its nikkianne by the way, im adding you. kbye.

tinadarling said...

it isss hes so fucking awesome i love him he makes my mind nuts and id add you but i dont know how =(

teeth monster said...

hey tina its daniele i put you on my blog list holla

kanowins said...

drinking and smoking yourself retarded is always awesome. next cabin trip yo